Street & Hip-Hop

Dance to the Music You Love

Lait Dance Club teaches rock ‘n’ roll and disco dancing, as well as hip-hop street dance. These classes are available for pupils of all ages in the Ipswich, Suffolk, area through our club. For all of our classes, hiphop1please wear leotards, leggings, or close-fitting stretchy clothing with bare feet, jazz shoes, or dance trainers.

hip01Hip-Hop Dancing

Hip-hop is a style of dance developed on the streets of America in the ’70s and ’80s. It involves dance moves known as locking, popping, rolling, gliding, rippling, and waving. To perform this type of dance, the dancer must learn to isolate all parts of the body and use them independently. An artistry has developed where the dancer mimes, imitating everyday movements, such as riding a bicycle. Sometimes the dancer imitates a robot, but all moves must be musical. These dance actions are performed on the street in a small group with dancers challenging each other to perform in the middle of the circle, leading to the term “street dance.” Today “street dance” has developed into a funky style of dance performed to street-style music. This earthy style is copied from the backing groups who dance on the videos of  pop groups. Their choreographers are dance teachers like ourselves. All hip-hop and freestyle children’s classes cost £4.00 per week.