Competitive Events



23rd Apr(Sun)       ISTD AREA DISCO MEDALLIST FESTIVAL at Sudbury Sports Centre . Line dance, Solos, Pairs, RnR, Teams. DO 9.30am FR 10.00am.

7th May(Sun)        FELIXSTOWE FESTIVAL Presented by Lait Dance Club at Brackenbury Sports Centre,High Rd., Felixstowe IP11 9JF. Ballroom/Latin Comps for   all ages & grades. DPA Chart Rated Events. Champions of Tomorrow/Britain’s Best Heats.


                   SUNDAY 7TH MAY 2017


                                     £250 Sponsorship for the Potter All Grades Trophy

                                  13 SUPER LEAGUE EVENTS+ Champions of Tomorrow & Britain’s Best Heats

                                Brackenbury Sports Centre, High Road East, Felixstowe IP11 9JF

                             Door Open: 9.30am, First Round: 10.00am,        Adults Ballroom: 2.30pm, Adults Latin: 5.00pm

                               JUVENILE EVENTS
1 Under 10 Beginners W 15 Under 10 Beginners C
2  Juvenile Beginners W 16 Juvenile Beginners C
3 Under 8 W 17 Under 8 C
4 Under 10 W 18 Under 10 C
5 Juvenile 2 dance W,T 19 Juvenile 2 dance R,S
6 Juvenile All Girls W,Q 20 Juvenile All Girls R,J
7 SUPER NL Juvenile W,T,F,Q 21 SUPER NL Juvenile C,S,R,J
8 Open Juvenile F 22 Open Juvenile P


                 JUNIOR  EVENTS
9 Junior Beginners W 23 Junior Beginners C
10 12-13yrs W,Q 24 12-13yrs C,S
11 14-15yrs W,T 25 14-15 yrs R,S
12 Junior All Girls W,T 26 Junior All Girls R,J
13 Junior 3 dance W,F,Q 27 Junior 3 dance C,S,R
14 SUPER NL Junior W,T,VW,F,Q 28 SUPER NL Junior C,S,R,P,J


              ADULT EVENTS
29 Under 35 Beginners W 46 Under 35 Beginners C
30 Over 35 Beginners W 47 Over 35 Beginners C
31 Over 45 Beginners W 48 Over 45 Beginners C
32 All Ladies W,T,Q 49 All Ladies C,R,J
33 All Grades Basic F 50 All Grades Basic R
34 NL Under 35 Novice W,Q 51 NL Under 35 Novice R,J
35 NL Over 35 Novice W,Q 52 NL Over 35 Novice R,J
36 NL Under 35 Intermediate W,T,Q, 53 NL Under 35 Intermediate C,S,R
37 NL Over 35 Intermediate W,F,Q 54 NL Over 35 Intermediate C,S,R
38 NL Under 35 Pre-Champ W,T,Q 55 NL Under 35 Pre-Champ C,R,J
39 NL Over 35 Pre-Champ W,F,Q 56 NL Over 35 Pre-Champ C,R,J
40 SUPER NL Senior 1 W,T,VW,F,Q, 57 SUPER NL Senior 1 C,S,R,P,J
41 SUPER NL Senior 2 W,T,F,Q, 58 SUPER NL Senior 2 C,S,R,J
42 SUPER NL Senior 3 W,T,F,Q,
43 SUPER Under 21 W,T,VW,F,Q 59 SUPER Under 21 C,S,R,P,J
44 SUPER NL Amateur W,T,VW,F,Q 60 SUPER NL Amateur C,S,R,P,J

Note:      1. No partner changes for All Girl events,

  1. Day dress for beginners. Juveniles please observe British Dance Council Rules
  2. Champions of Tomorrow Qualifiers will be taken from the corresponding event
  3. Jun/Juv who reach the final of the 4/5 dance events will not be allowed to dance in the beginners events, unless the 4/5 events are straight finals.

Adjucators: Christa Udell, Diane Haywood, Duncan Trever, Kevin Allcot, , David Truman, Chairman Gary Foster

Scrutineers: Phil & Emma Harman                                      Tickets in advance: £12,     On the door: £13

Enquiries: Tom, Pat, Bruce & Annette Lait 07889723358



27th May(Sat)      MEDAL PRESENTATION & COMPETITION NIGHT. Showcase and competitions for all ages and grades at the Lait Dance Club. Come along and enjoy yourself! DO 5.30 FR 6pm. Finish 9.30pm  Under 8s done by 8pm. Adm £7.50. Spectators £4.00 (Tickets before the day)

10th Jun (Sat)        STARS OF THE FUTURE FINALS, Brentwood. A magnificent spectacular event. If you have qualified please return your entry form to us and order your tickets from us We have our own block of seats. Please put your name on the list asap!

11th Jun(Sun)       NEW PRO-AM COMP, Brentwood.

18th  Jun(Sun)       ISTD AREA DISCO MEDALLIST FESTIVAL at Cambridge. Line dance, Solos, Pairs Rock n Roll, Formation. Qualifier for Guildford.

25th June(Sun)     ISTD BALLROOM/LATIN MEDALLIST FESTIVAL at Goals Sports Centre, Grimwade St., Ipswich, IP4 1LT. Qualifier for Blackpool.

9th Jul (Sun)           ISTD AREA DISCO MEDALLIST FESTIVAL at Maidstone. Line dance, Solos, Pairs Rock n Roll, Formation. Qualifier for Guildford.

16th Jul(Sun)         ISTD MEDAL TEST

27th-30th July         DPA FESTIVAL BOURNEMOUTH