Ballroom and Latin

Discover the Passion of Ballroom & Latin Dances

Learn to dance Ballroom and Latin dance styles in classes taught to both children and adults through Lait Dance Club. We have four locations in the Ipswich and Suffolk area, where we teach these formal styles of dance. Classes prices are £6.50 for adults, and £4.00 for children, per week.ball01

Ballroom Dancing

From the Viennese waltz and the tango to the slow foxtrot and quickstep, ballroom dancing covers a variety of slow and quick-rhythm dances that are danced in conventional ballrooms. Each dance has its own character: the waltz swings and rotates, creating beautiful shapes; while, in tango, the couple creep stealthily across the floor, using several short sharp swivels and flicks. Slow foxtrot, the classic “English” dance, swings and flows, creating lines and curves; but the quickstep is light, exciting, and bubbly, including hops, skips, and turns. All these dances were made popular by the Big Bands of the ’50s and ’60s and have survived the test of time to be used at balls, parties, dances, cruises, weddings, and holiday camps.

Latin Dancing

This newer form of dancing is fiery, sexy, and full of rhythm. The rumba is slow and sensual, while the samba is fast with ever-changing rhythms and body actions. Cha-cha is a cheeky dance, full of surprise and fast-foot actions, and paso doble is the story of the bullfight, full of drama. Jive is developed from rock and roll, the “American” dance, so it is very rhythmic, full of fast turns and slick actions. Other club dances, including salsa, mambo, and meringue, are also Latin dances from the Caribbean.